The truth is out
I heard them say
They read it in
The papers today.

We’re going out
But still, we’re in
Agreements torn up
And lining the bin.

Some shout it’s true
But do I really believe?
As blue politicians spout
Few who remain can’t breathe

But real truth is clouded
In these hopeless dark days
And politics now seems like
A twisted tangled maze.


Truth is the light
At earth’s new dawn
Truth is the joy
When a child is born.

Truth is a meadow
Wildflowers so bright
Truth is the darkness
That falls every night.

Truth is in thunder
Fierce rain and grey cloud
Truth is an everlasting King
Breaking free from a shroud.

Truth is our fragile planet
Where sadly seas rise
Truth is the stark fear
In this generations eyes.

Truth is the light
As the sun leaves the sky
Truth is the stars’ brightness
As the day bids goodbye.

© Elaine Coltham, 2020