Elaine’s Books

Elaine’s books have raised thousands of pounds for charities over the years. Her catalogue of publications include collections of poems, children’s books and young adult fiction.

Relda and The Runaway

Relda and The Runaway is an engaging and beautifully sensitive tale of how the course of a young person’s life can be changed in the blink of an emerald eye.

The story is an intriguing and emotional journey of a desperate runaway teenager, Micki, who fears that she will be placed into care following the death of her guardian grandmother.

A chance encounter with an old lady on a train proves to be life changing. Meet Relda just an eccentric, kind and remarkably energetic old lady. Or is she? Could she be an angel who only appears when she is needed?

A story of despair, of unlikely friendship, of tears, of laughter – but most of all hope.

Relda and The Runaway was released in April 2023.

Poems of Faith, Love and Compassion

Date of Publication: 2000
Date of Reprint: 2001
Publisher: Lainee Matloch
Printed by: By Word Books, Suffolk
ISBN: 0-9538176-1-X
Price: £4.99 (out of print)

In this book, the author has drawn inspiration from major global events to personal life experiences, to produce a beautiful and sensitive collection of poetry and prayer. The collection includes work written in response to events as they unfolded over several years with the result that the words speak intimately to the reader and accurately reflect the human emotions experienced by us all when witnessing human tragedy or natural miracles. Throughout the book, the author offers to God her thankfulness, hopelessness, of joyfulness with the result that the book becomes an expression of hope for all to share. All profits made from this book are donated to Tearfund and East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.

In His Hands

Date of Publication: 2002
Publisher: Lainee Matloch
Printed by: By Word Books, Suffolk
ISBN: 0-9542093-0-3
Price: £5.99

This is Elaine Coltham’s second collection following on from her successful book ‘Poems of Faith, Love and Compassion’. Inside ‘In His Hands’ you will discover 16 new poems together with individual introductions to each one to describe the author’s inspiration. Her sensitivity will draw a universal appeal to all who share a love of God and also serve to witness to those still seeking to find God within their own hearts. For every copy sold, £2.00 will be donated to the work of the Salvation Army.

By Your Side

Date of Publication:2003 Publisher: Lainee Matloch Printed by: By Word Books ISBN: 0-9542093-1-1 Price: £5.99 Since publishing her first collection of poetry in 2000, Elaine Coltham has reached people across the world with her inspired devotional writing. By Your Side is the third book in this trilogy and follows on from In His Hands and Poems of Faith, Love and Compassion. Her vision continues; to write poetry about God’s love and majesty and to support charities working alongside the sick, hungry and homeless. Inside this book you will find 16 new poems and prayers, each with individual introductions explaining the author’s inspiration behind each one. Whether you buy this book for yourself or as a gift for a friend it will be one you will always remember. For every copy sold, £2.00 will be donated to the work of Tearfund.

Auntie Relda’s Journey

Date of Publication: 7th Nov 2006
Publisher: Lainee Matloch
Printed by: Fast-Print, Peterborough
ISBN: 0-9542093-2-x
Price: £7.99
Content: Children’s fiction 134 pages

Just sometimes you need a recipe for a little miracle… Take one victim and one bully. Add much fear, a beaten face and memories of a distant family. Mix in large amounts of love and determination to change a young boy’s life. Add premier footballers and the excitement of a journey where unlikely dreams could become a reality. And then add the final ingredient….. Auntie Relda.

Shining Like Stars

Date of Publication: Dec 2007
Publisher: Lainee Matloch
Printed by: Fast-Print, Peterborough
ISBN: 978095420933-9x
Price: £7.00

“Shining Like Stars” is an upside down poetry book with 20 poems in total written by me. Some are Christian poems and then when the book is turned upside down, it is a book with children’s poetry. It contains many illustrations and personal introductions by me to share my inspirations behind each poem. For every copy sold £3.00 will be donated to Tearfund.

“It is appropriate that the proceeds from the sale of this book, featuring poetry for children alongside poetry for Christians, should go to benefit Tearfund’s ‘Work a Miracle’ campaign which so importantly brings the work of preventing HIV in children to the attention of the church. Her writing captures the human faces and consequences of suffering. It is these faces that God sees alongside our own. If this is how God sees, so should we see likewise.”

The Revd David Peck, Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury for International Development

In Our Hearts

Date of Publication: Nov 2012
Publisher: Lainee Matloch
Printed by: Berforts Information Press
ISBN: 978-0-95420-936-0
Price: £7.50

We all hold many things in our hearts that are special to us – love for our family; treasured memories of loved ones; perhaps our faith that gives us comfort; much loved places or our hopes and dreams for a better future. If any of these are in your heart, you will find a poem to relate to inside Elaine Coltham’s latest book of poetry In Our Hearts.

This new book is written to help the work of St Elizabeth Hospice in Elaine’s hometown of Ipswich and the poems are accompanied by her insight to the inspiration behind each poem, alongside photographs and drawings by her family. Be assured that this little book offers some peace and comfort in our hectic world, but, more than that, Elaine’s commitment to help St Elizabeth Hospice will assist them in their continuing work of providing compassion and kindness to those living with progressive illness.

A Little Help For My Friends

Date of Publication: 2015
Publisher: Lainee Matloch
Printed by: CMP Book Printing
ISBN: 978-0-9542093-7-7
Price: £7.50

We all need friends and this little book is written to help animals and the wonderful work of the RSPCA. Buy a copy, give a copy, enjoy a copy of this beautiful and amusing book and know the the entire cover price of £7.50 will be given to our much-appreciated friends at the RSPCA.

“We can all do something to create a kinder and more compassionate world. Elaine has decided to use her writing talents to help support the causes dear to her heart. In doing so, she sets an example for others to follow. I hope this book is a huge success and, through the donation Elaine makes for every copy sold, brings an end to animal cruelty a step closer.”

Will Travers OBE, President of Born Free Foundation