At The End of a Norfolk Lane

Overgrown and winding lane
With seemingly no end
Luscious untidy hedgerow
With no man, to tend.

Blue-framed window cottage
Across from meadows and trees
Where hares playfully box
In summer’s whispered breeze.

Dappled sunlight falls on fields
Of ochre-coloured grass
In another, sheep lazily graze
As upright horse riders pass.

Soon dusk comes to call
Tiny flitting bats will dance
And scurrying lonely fieldmouse
Will take its frantic chance.

Now shadowed and mysterious
This echoing, glowering wood
Where a nearby owl hoots
And shy deer have often stood.

Then inky-black night sky
With rare blue moon’s light
And a speckling of diamond stars
Come to welcome this dark night.

Until early morning’s chorus
Will herald dawn’s faint light
When new day’s hopeful sunrise
Bids goodbye to darkest night.

© Elaine Coltham, 2023