Ten Beautiful Seagulls

 Ten Beautiful Seagulls

Ten beautiful seagulls
Sitting in a line
One flies away
Then there are nine.

Nine beady-eyed seagulls
For food patiently wait
One spies a sandwich
Then there are eight.

Eight hungry seagulls
Dream of a fished-filled heaven
One hears a fishing boat
Then there are seven.

Seven grumpy seagulls
Spot a bag of pick and mix
One swoops upon it
Then there are six.

Six flapping seagulls
Just about to dive
One flies across the beach
Then there are five.

Five squawking seagulls
Impatiently they “CAW”
One hops away
Then there are four.

Four squabbling seagulls
Stare out to sea
One notices an ice-cream cone
Then there are three.

Three bobbing seagulls
Wondering what to do
One glides towards the rocks
Then there are two.

Two tired seagulls
Dozing in the sun
One heads for the cliffs
Then there was one.

One lonely seagull
Spots a lady with some bread
Snatches it from her hand
And leaves a present on her head!

© Elaine Coltham