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Thinking of the thousands coping with the heartache of the floods…

These last few weeks we have seen so much devastation caused by the storms. Across my garden lies evidence of the power of the wind, a tree ripped down.Fences are bent and twisted but we have much to be thankful for.Through my television, I have seen so much tragedy of the recent storms and it made me think of a few ways its affecting the lives of those who live and work in the areas of extreme flooding. Here are a few words I have written in a poem to express a few of those feelings. I make no apology that the poem is also political, I believe we can all be political when it comes to speaking out for those in need, be it suffering people, or the continuing cruelty that is happening to animals, including awful plans for more badger culls in 2014.

Where Will You Go?
(Dedicated to the Victims of 2013/2014 UK Floods)

Where will you go?
Your homes left behind
Dismal sandbags have failed
Dredging orders now signed.

Where will you play?
Precious misty-eyed child
As rain lashes down
And rivers run wild.

Where will you roam?
Across vast watery plain
Tired cattle and horses
With bedraggled mane.

Where will you grow?
Fragile, swamped tiny seed
In fields like a river
Until gushing waters recede.

Where will you help?
You politicians all
For you cut bare the budget
From behind Whitehall’s wall.

© Elaine Coltham

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