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New poem for Marius…..

Hello dear followers
Sorry haven’t been blogging for a while, but today I wanted to share a new poem written for Marius, a young giraffe killed this morning in Copenhagen Zoo. He was doomed it seems,although many of us tried to raise his awful plight across the world of social media. Those who held the gun would not listen and refused to re home him to a place where he could be loved,cherished and respected for the beautiful part of God’s creation that he was. What more can I say……

Marius Oh Marius
(Dedicated to a young giraffe killed in Copenhagen Zoo)

Marius Oh Marius
We tried hard to fight
Through our tweets and campaigning
Into darkest of night.

But some ears would not listen
Now your heart beats no more
And our hopes for your future
Lie dead on the floor.

We are sorry we failed you
And our tears fall like rain.
May your spirit live on
Across some African plain.

© Elaine Coltham

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  1. Jim Says:

    Such a sad story and a fitting poem of condolence.