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Apologies for the long delay in writing some news here. It’s been a busy and hectic few months. But writing is never too far away from me and happily I can tell you that my new book “In Our Hearts” is coming together and I hope it will be published in November. It’s another poetry collection, all written by me, with illustrations and photographs contributed from my family. My vision this time is to help the St Elizabeth Hospice here in Ipswich. As I write this, I am in the process of seeking sponsors to cover the cost of printing the books so I can donate the entire cover price to the Hospice as I did with my last book “Always a Hero” written for the EACH Treehouse Children’s Hospice. I have donated £1805 to the Treehouse to date from that little book.

 “In Our Hearts” is dedicated to the memory of my Dad, but it will be a book that everyone can remember someone they loved who is no longer with us…..

 I am starting a new “Poem for the month” page on the website; the first one, “Tide Comes In” ,is one for children and maybe us grown-ups too!

 God bless your day today.


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