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Happy Christmas to you

Wishing you a happy and blessed Christmas. Thank you for supporting my writing and the charities I have worked to help over the years with my poetry and my children’s novel. I’m delighted to say my total donated to the charities is getting closer to £6000 now!

I thought I would like to share one of my Christmas poems with you.

God bless always


Dream of First Christmas


So the bible falls shut

And I close my eyes

Soon I can see them, feel them.

In a dream of first Christmas.

As night’s blackness surrounds me

I see the brightness of one star

The glistening gold on a silhouetted king.

I hear quietness across velvet hillsides

As the darkness of this world descends

Angels suddenly proclaim the arrival

Of the precious new born lamb.

 Inside the stable in awesome stillness

Amongst the rough and crude straw

The heavenly babe innocently sleeps.

Kneeling beside him

Shepherds bow heads in adoration

With fresh hope for this world

Bursting from their triumphant minds.

I witness the start of a pilgrimage

From the wood of the manger

To the wood of the cross.

I feel the joy of his mother Mary

Her fixed gaze never leaves her son

But sadly I have read the script

And I, not wanting to acknowledge

How her tears of happiness

Will turn to those of sorrow.

Before her a gift from the Father

Like no other could give

Soon I awake from my sleep

I can no longer see them

In my dream was the vividness

Of that first Christmas night

Now it is written on my heart

Having unwrapped the everlasting present

And experienced the comfort of a child

In God’s enfolding arms.

So the bible falls open

And I, with eyes willing to see

Read the word and its ending

From the wood of the manger

To the wood of the cross

 And beyond, towards a promise…

 Of eternity.

Elaine Coltham

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