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A poem for the children of our world suffering poverty, displacement and fear.

This is a poem I wrote as my wish list for the children of our world. As we get nearer now to 2015, we are acutely aware that time is ticking for the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals to be achieved.These goals, once achieved, would make a huge difference to the quality of life across the world where so many struggle and suffer from extreme hunger, poverty, lack of education to name just a few.
With many children caught up in the tragedy of war and displaced from their homelands, we witness on our televisions those faces of children living in refugee camps and many who just long to go to school.

I Want For Them

I want for them, a day
When living can be fun
No more drinking dirty water
And surviving on the run.

I want for them, a smile
No more tears in hollow eyes
See faces creased in laughter
Each day a new surprise.

I want for them, to be fed
In their bellies and their minds
With food and education
So they won’t be left behind.

I want for them, a roof
Over their tiny, precious heads
No sleeping on cold soil
But warmly covered in a bed.

I want for them, protection
From immunisation’s prick
To save more from dying young
And many others getting sick.

I want for them, a time
When we can live as one
And children live, as children should
Dancing freely in the sun.

x Elaine

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